Image of Cymbal 01

Cymbal 01


Cymbal C01 and Cymbal C02 are two extremely classy lamp shades. Their natural ruffle emphasize the lightness of the material. Time will oxidate naturally the surface, darkening it and creating a very intriguing contrast between the delicate fluttering shape and the antique charme of brass.
Lamp shade dimensions: Diameter 47 cm - Height 12 cm
Material: raw brass thickness 2/10 mm
Pack dimensions: flat pack 28 x 35cm,
Content in the pack: 1 lamp shade

This is a fragile product that has to be handled always with care!
The oxydation on the surface (darkening) is part of the natural aging process of the material.
This product is sold without lamp-holder. It’s compatible to a standard e 27 light bulb holder made for lampshades. All type of E27 light bulbs can be used.

Image of Cymbal C02 Image of Cymbal C02
Cymbal C02
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